Delectable Shelter
The Hayloft Project
Theatre Works
31 March – 17 April
Tickets: $15 – $28

The comedy festival isn’t all about one man shows and stand up, full productions which highlight the art of stagecraft and expert acting can be even more amusing than 90 minute of dirty jokes and shouting.

Described as a black comedy about white terror, Delectable Shelter tells the story of a group of people (described as ‘rich white folk’ ) holed up in an underground shelter after the end of the world. They’re purpose? To repopulate the earth when the apocalypse is over. This gives them plenty of time to in breed and develop a plan for a utopian society.

The production covers the story of their adjustment to the isolated and underground world, following 350 years of interpartner mating which results in a few genetically challenged characters later on in the story. Each short act is divided by the cast appearing as an evangelical church-esque choir, the presence on stage was powerful, but what made it more enjoyable was the amazing capabilities of the cast with a special mention to Simone Page Jones who led the popular pop songs tuned to a choir flavour.

Showing at Theatre works in St Kilda, this production is something out of the ordinary and a unique addition to this year’s comedy festival. The cast really make this piece of theatre stand out with their every action adding something to the show, whether it be “Thor’s” disturbing manner, the subtlest movements, pauses and sounds that the cast perform, the well written script or the impressive set. I would recommend Delectable Shelter for all mature audiences…although the sex scene gave me one of those awkward father son moments with my dad who I had brought along to see the show.

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All photos copyright Pia Johnson.